Cause a friends a friend forever.

I got back from a walk a few minutes ago and while walking I was struck with the fact that I have some great friends. I was also struck with the fact that some of those great friends are leaving soon. It excited me because I know they are walking the path Christ has set before them, yet saddened me because I cant walk that path with them any longer. It reminds me of Emmaus. Jesus didn’t walk with the disciples forever, only a season; a season that drastically changed their lives, but a season none the less. Some people come into our lives for seasons and I think God brings them into our lives to walk with us for two reasons. First, because they have something to teach us and we have something to teach them. Second, I think it reminds us to anticipate the day when we will all live together in perfect community, enjoying God’s new world. A friend is a friend forever living in that reality.

This is reality, You are coming to reign on the earth, and the increase of Your government will know no end!


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  1. Yea, it’s a joy to know and love people for a season, and will be an even greater joy when the season is eternal.

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