A 21 Day Cleanse: Spiritual and Physical

A friend of mine and I have decided to go on a 21 day cleansing. The basic premise is that we eat a lot of things that are very unhealthy and our body cannot digest all of it. Thus, we have toxins and other such things still in our body causing us to live lives that are more unhealthy then we have to. The cleanse consists of taking pills that will flush your system clean and eating only vegetables and fruits. I’ve been told the results are wonderful: from weight loss, to sounder sleep, and even vision getting better.
To go along side this physical cleanse, I am going to be seeking spiritual wholeness as well. I have felt the nudge of the Lord for me to fast for about a month now, and since I am out of school and things are slowing down a bit, this seems to be the Lords timing. I am going to be praying to find wholeness relationally, in my family, and grow in holiness. I am confident the Lord will meet me in a mighty way. I also find that it is no coincidence to start this the day after Pentecost Sunday. Jesus said the Spirit was sent to “cleanse” the world of sin and unrighteousness and I confident The Spirit will cleanse me physically and Spiritually.
“Veni Creator Spiritus.”


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